Having a job can be comforting as you have a source of income. It is, however, normal to wake up one day thinking of not going back to work because of work stress emanating from your work environment. Stress is an undesirable temporary feeling that should pass with time. Dealing with work stress invokes the need to understand the condition at length.

Causes of Workplace Stress

Common causes of work stress include:

•    Changes within the organisation

•    Lack of support from colleagues

•    Inadequate resources

•    Toxic culture

•    Job Insecurity

•    Fast paced role with short deadlines

•    Lack of extrinsic recognition and motivation

•    Financial Insecurity

How to make your day at work less stressful

The workplace environment is full of stress, which can break you down if not kept in check. The best way to deal with your work-stress is by learning how to respond to different magnitudes of stress. Below are amazing hints which may help you handle stressful situations at work.

Stretch your Feet

A little movement will help your body regenerate some energy that will help you get through the day. Take a walk by yourself to grab a coffee, walk to a colleague’s desk for a brief chat to refresh your mind and body. The best way to stretch your feet is by taking a walk outside the office during the lunch break. 

Budget your Time

By creating a schedule, you are making plans that will help you take control of your time for more productivity. Use a diary or a time tracking app to ensure that you are right on schedule. Good time management helps one to increase productivity at work by completing tasks before the stipulated deadline. Formulate new ways to save on time to get some personal time.

Talk to your colleagues

Colleagues at your place of work are likely to be experiencing the same source of stress at the workplace. By exchanging ideas, you get to learn how to handle the different work-stress situations. Experienced colleagues are better placed to advise you on how to navigate through stressful situations.

Do not Carry Work Home

Work is tiresome enough that you do not need to extend the stress to your home. Always try to complete your tasks within the working hours so that you do not have to extend work to your home unless it is necessary. The time you spend at home without having to interact with work-related issues are essential for a mental recharge and work stress eradication.

Take a Brief break from your Station

Use a health app to keep track of your day. Set regular break points to refresh your body and get a mental reset. Pausing to take a breather in the middle of an assignment will help you refresh and increase productivity when you get back to work. During your brief self-granted break, use an activity or a quick game that you enjoy to clear your mind

Learn to Say NO

Some employers are notorious in delegating duties, which may be way out of your job description. Learn to turn down the request in a polite manner, especially if you may fail to produce the desired results before the deadline expires. When your IN tray is full, you can turn down some requests s you work to reduce the pile as soon as you can.

Get home on time

According to the ABS, approximately 60% of Australians work over 40 hours per week while 20% work for over 50 hours per week. After such long tiresome hours at your place of work, it is important that you get home and spend some time with your loved ones. Improve your mental health and relationship ties by spending more time at home with loved ones.

If you or a close associate needs help in dealing with work-stress and maintaining a good work-life balance, please reach out to one of our counselling service centres. Our professional counsellors are available around the clock to provide support.