Fees and Charges

Qualified Counsellors aims to delivery cost effective counselling solutions directly via online message. Your counsellor is available to message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regardless of counsellor allocated, all counsellors charge the same fees.  

Fee’s are payable via Credit Card or Direct Deposit.  To ensure you are able to access a counsellor within 24 hours please pay by credit card.  When paying via Direct Deposit there may be a delay in allocating a counsellor as we can only allocate one after payment has been received.  Direct Deposit can take 1-3 business days to be received.

All counselling fees and charges are payable in advance and not refundable unless required to do so under consumer law.


Initial counselling package costs

When you first commence counselling with Qualified Counsellors you can select from a wide range of package options.  This allows you to commit for a shoter time or take advantage of a great promotion and savy by taking a longer inital package.

As our inital counselling package may change from time to time please see our Start Counselling page for these offerings.


Ongoing counselling package costs

Beyond your initial counselling package we offer a fixed rate counselling package.

Number of daysTotal Cost 

All fee’s are payable in advance.  You can purchase multiple ongoing packs at once and your counselling package time will be increased by 14 days for each purchase.


Miscellaneous Fees

Should we ever agree to undertake any other counselling or works relating to your services to us we will charge them at the following rate.  These fees or estimated fees if exact cost is unknown are payable in advance.


Per hour (minimum 1 hour per instance)$265

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