Counselling Can Change Your Life

Many experts agree that changing habits is one sure shot way to gain control over many conflicts in life. Modern day life is filled with stress of varying hues and degrees. Some people are gifted with the ability to wade through all the challenges and yet hold their ship steady. Surprisingly, if you check back with your grandparents, many of them may not have even experienced stress during their prime days. The digital world was nonexistent and demands on available resources were never overwhelming.

In sharp contrast, today, time is at a premium, available resources keep shrinking at every curve, and deep sleep is a luxury.

How counselling can impact your life

Most of us tend to suffer in silence rather than explore options to change course and bring some succour. Professional counselling is one way to change your life and put things back on rail. Professionals have specific training and education to examine your problems in-depth and suggest ways to change some of your behavioural patterns, set goals and generally guide you to gain better control over your life.


Audit, generally is a term associated with financial accounts, particularly of companies. But, today other spheres of business have also adopted this term to represent detailed examination of acts, actions and deliverables already completed. A careful and complete examination is what audit refers to in the present context, and you can adopt this to re-examine your own self. To do this, you must recognize that you have a problem that is threatening to wreck your piece of mind and perhaps life itself. 

How counselling works

Trained and experienced counsellors can give you a patient hearing, ask questions, and then analyse the problem from a different perspective. At this point, they can suggest several measures to address your situation. Some of these could include:-

Changing habits

Many habits are cultivated over long periods of time and changing them cannot be achieved through a magic wand. You need motivation and a strong reason to change habits that are impacting your well being. A counsellor can provide you that motivation and the reasons for changing habits. Consider these habits and how they impact your life for instance:-

  • Your sleeping habits – getting into bed beyond midnight and waking up late
  • Your eating habits – Binge eating
  • Anger/irritability   – Getting irritated at regular intervals and/or losing your cool frequently
  • Addictions – Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and your smartphone
  • Getting late to work

Remember, these are only random samples of habits that can have a tell tale effect on your overall wellbeing.

Set goals

Once the habits that need change are identified, the next step is to set goals and work towards the desired outcome from changing habits. When you set goals, the emphasis should be on setting lifelong goals and not short term goals.  A strong will power is the key to succeed and counselling can help you develop this will power and guide you through the process of changing habits, perhaps by taking one habit at a time. Most habits have been developed over several years and therefore, it is but natural that you consume fair length of time bringing about the changes and start experiencing the results.

Learning from the boulder

In your neighbourhood parks or other open areas, you must have seen many boulders. They take on everything from flash floods to heavy rains, earthquakes, powerful lightning and all that Mother Nature delivers from time to time. The boulder does not budge, whatever may be the kind of onslaught. This is the kind of determination expected of you when you set goals. Your self-control or will power should keep you rooted even on the face of adversity just as the boulder weathers all the storms thrown at it by Mother Nature.

Believe in yourself

Counselling will help you to chart a course for changing habits and set goals. But, to make it happen, you should first believe in yourself and develop a positive attitude. When you put aside negative thoughts and allow more positive energy to pervade, your task gets lighter and the path ahead gets well lubricated.